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Oxfam Italia is a non-profit independent organization part of the large international coalition Oxfam, made up of 17 organizations working with over 3,000 partners in more than 90 countries to fight the injustice of poverty in the world.

Oxfam Italia helps to create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. We are part of a global movement for change, one that empowers people to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty. We work with an integrated approach, intervening in humanitarian emergencies, supporting local communities with sustainable development activities, promoting responsible behaviors and lifestyles and lobbying for fairer rules. In addition to international cooperation projects, in Italy and in Europe Oxfam Italia is concerned with citizenship education, promoting a social and united economy, the integration of the immigrant population and the fight against discrimination. We bring together the skills and experience gained over many years of work in intercultural environment to facilitate the integration of migrant families and their full access to local services. Health is among those actors in the front line called to give positive answers on migration.

For this reason, since 2001 Oxfam has set up and managed a linguistic and cultural mediation service, working in different Italian provinces and in different social sectors: hospitals, schools, public services for general public and prisons. We have always paid special attention to migrant women’s needs. Various projects have been carried out in collaboration with Hospitals to support women in need and to favor their social inclusion. Furthermore, Oxfam Italia has set up together with Unesco Arezzo and Amnesty International the Documentation Centre on Peace, Rights, Development and Intercultural issues. Since 2000, we have been managing the Immigration Section of the Provincial Observatory on Social Policy and periodically drafted a report on migration in the Arezzo Province.

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Via Concino Concini, 19
52100 Arezzo, Italy

Telephone:   +39 0575 182481
Web:   www.oxfamitalia.org 

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