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ELAN INTERCULTUREL raises awareness, develops intercultural researches and provides training for people living and working in cross-cultural context. Our approach is based on a concrete cross-cultural practice and focuses on Intercultural Dialogue. We offer support for the resolution of critical incidents and/or cultural shocks through an innovative methodological approach designed during European projects consortium’s in educational innovation. Our actions are intended to:

Support the resolution of any critical incidents or culture shock through a common activity and through Intercultural Dialogue. Critical incidents are a methodological approach that we use in our training. Our actions are intended to:

1) Facilitating Intercultural Dialogue
• Facilitate intercultural understanding
• Awareness of automatic stereotypes and prejudice
• Prevent interpersonal tensions, conflict management and identity threats

Target groups: Migrants, people in intercultural context, social professionals, administratives, etc. 2) Accompany the Intercultural Adaptation
• Help to integrate new cultural environment
• Contribute to the formation of new social relations
• Make mobility a source of personal and professional development

Target groups: Persons in an intercultural context, Corporate Mission International ( preparation for mobility ) and / or human resources.

3) Optimize Intercultural Cooperation
• Knowing the dynamics of heterogeneous groups
• Foster creativity and dynamism of a multicultural team.
• Learn to manage the challenges of working in an intercultural context.
• Making diversity a source of creativity and innovation

Target groups: teachers and/or teachers who work in an intercultural context, professionals working in multicultural teams, mobility counselors, etc.

ELAN INTERCULTUREL offers an innovative approach to diversity that functions as a gateway to Intercultural Dialogue. Our trainers are also experts in intercultural and guide you through a reflection on the different cultures, ethnocentrism, broad communication, etc. Our goal is to learn to understand the richness of intercultural exchange and contribute to social change. 

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Contact person:         Cécile Stola

7 rue Guillaume Bertrand, 75011
Paris - France

Telephone:   +33.(0)1 83 87 96 79
Mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web:   www.expandinghorizons.co.uk 

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