A closer look on the Casebook closing event

As previously reported, the Casebook closing event took place earlier in July. Today, we would like to present a short summary of the lecture on "Challenges for the integration of migrants into the labour market with a focus on refugee integration" by Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. habil. Gudrun Biffl. After having talked about the general situation of the Austrian labour market, she highlighted the reasons for the rise of unemployment rates.

At first glance, she said, the rise is due to a combination of an increase in the labour supply and the weak economic situation which leads to the conclusion that Austria faces a structural problem. However, the rise in unemployment is mainly due to persons with low qualifications. Unfortunately, the vast majority of migrants, asylum-seekers and people granted subsidiary protection fall into the category “low-skilled workers“. One of the major challenges is how to integrate migrants into the labour market. According to Gudrun Biffl, the response to this challenge should be a new focus on laws, the promotion of specific measures, the analysis of competencies, and the promotion of the labour market integration of women.

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