The methodology of the Casebook project will be integrated into the French project Déclic-Art"

Since the year 2014, thanks to the support of the City of Paris, Elan Interculturel and the association ANI, set up the project "Déclic-art".

What is it?

Déclic-art is a workshop for young people from multicultural neighborhoods, most of them young immigrants. This workshop is based on artistic mediation tools aimed at making visible resources and skills that these young people have. Through the creation and realization of a short film, young people have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous resources such as collaboration, creativity, team spirit, etc. At the end of each day, we help participants to realise all resources mobilized during the day and to imagine how they would transfer and adapt these competences into their professional projects.

This action is followed by a second module, focused on coaching and the explicit work of life projects. This phase is in charge of ANI Association and the main goal is the professional integration of young migrant people. In order to better reach this aim, from this year, career counsellors implyied in Declic-Art project will integrate the Casebook methodoly

Why ?

Because thanks to case method, career guidance will:

  • Ease the process of insertion of adult low skilled migrants throughout a Casebook on career guidance delivered to migrants
  • Strengthen the intercultural and interpersonal guidance skills in order to develop a more effective guidance service to immigrant users Enhance the knowledge of migrants about the job market, increase their employment possibilities, develop self-guidance skills and have a real impact health literacy skills among immigrant people contributing to a reduction in the number of low-skilled adults

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